A sea of culinary choice.

Pearl is an app that helps you discover daily offerings of seafood at restaurants around you.

Easily find restaurants serving seafood in your neighborhood.

With restaurants participating from cities like New York, Boston and San Francisco, our list keeps growing on a daily basis.

A world of taste and discovery awaits.

Whether you're a seasoned seafood explorer or a novice, Pearl will change how you enjoy seafood.

Pearls of wisdom.

We aggregate your favorites, using the data to guide our community of enthusiasts.

Share your experience with check-ins.

Check in when eating out and share your tips with friends and family.

Open to all seafood

Pearl’s mobile-based platform works with restaurants to provide diners with access to dish level information about seafood.

Learn the story

Pearl is enhancing the dining experience by letting chefs and restaurateurs focus on what they do best, while creating an environment for consumers to find, understand and share the seafood they love, both at home and on the road.

Educated consumers

Pearl has curated a glossary of seafood and oysters to guide consumers to their favorites.

Expanding reach

Pearl’s platform is proudly serving seafood lovers throughout North America with a strong presence in San Francisco, Boston, Seattle, New York City and we’re growing fast in Denver, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, Austin, Las Vegas and Miami.

"At pearl, we want to enrich the dining experience by providing diners with better access to information about seafood dishes at restaurants."

Sam Asher, Founder of Pearl

Do you own a restaurant/farm and want to get on the map?

Reach out to join the Pearl family. Mark your place and open yourself to a world of dedicated seafood enthusiasts. To list your restaurant or farm contact us or complete the form below.

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